Tuesday, 21 May 2013


                 10 Days Of Unprocessed Food Challenge!

  Our society is structured for us to get fat! From the structure of our food to the convenience technology brought our ways, we are like sheep fattened for slaughter without even realizing the powerful forces at play.
  The ultimate truth is that we can choose live a healthy and good life even in a society like ours! It’s up to us.
   Most of the foods we eat are overly processed with no nutritional value, they defy the definition of food being any substance consumed to provide nutritional support and readily absorbed by the body. They are empty calories which cannot be absorbed as nutrients by the body and thereby stored as fat around our waistline.
  We no longer crave for and enjoy organic foods, foods that are close to nature, as our taste buds are reprogrammed over the years through irresistible packaging and advertisement employed by the processed food industries, to salivate mostly for processed and sugary foods and drinks. Our new generation diets results in the new generation diseases such as cancer, diabetes which scientists have not being able to find a panacea for.
  The scary thing is that the younger generations are alien to most of these organic naturallly wholesome foods which are in themselves a complete source of nutrition essential for their growing age. This puts us in a precarious situation as a nation as the generation after us may suffer more health consequences of paying little attention to what goes inside than ever before.
  The 10 days unprocessed food challenge is a wake up call to mothers, fathers, caregivers and adults to be role models to the younger generation by taking the lead to inculcate healthy eating habits into our daily lives so we not only raise future leaders but a healthy and mentally balanced one!
"Its what inside that matters"!

It takes just 10 days of switching old habits for new ones! 

Re-invent            Sculpt out the body you want through exercises!!!
Re cord               Track your food intake daily by keeping a food journal
Re duce               Portion control
Re orientation     Unlearn old habits and take up new ones
Re ward              The best gift you can give yourself is to live in the body of your dreams

The program is best for YOU if
You want to make the connection between weight loss and a healthy lifestyle
 You have a significant amount of weight to lose.
You are tired of quick fixes (“yoyo diets” and pills).
You need the accountability and support to lose weight and get on the path to a healthy way of life (doing it together).
You need information, resources and tools that helps to identify and deal with the underlying factors that result in weight gain other than what we eat and a sedentary lifestyle.

Discovering a world of endless healthy food possibilities
Weight management
Revitalized energy
Inspiring others to join the community of healthy eaters
Healthy Role Model for the young ones
Healthy family healthy generation campaign

Are you ready?

Then register online at www.weightaminute.org and Harness The Power To Unlock Your Skinny Genes

Monday, 25 March 2013

5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Each Day

 My peeps, I found this very helpful and I hope you do too *wink*

One of the things I am often asked by busy people (which is most of us nowadays) is: "How do you find enough time to exercise and eat right every day?" With a hectic schedule and long hours spent at work promoting and designing for my active wear company, Lorna Jane, it is sometimes challenging to make time for myself. But that's why I've made it a priority.  My mission is to make the most of my days and share my secrets with you, so that you can also start living your best active life!
Here are a few ways to maximize your time and embrace active living:
1. Set your alarm an hour earlier
I know that a 5:30 a.m. wake-up call doesn't sound appealing to many, but I guarantee that getting up early is the best way to kick-start your day. Use that extra hour to do an early morning workout, nourish your body with a more relaxed breakfast (say goodbye to toast on the go!), and enjoy some thinking time to prepare for the day ahead.
2. Dress for success
Do you tend to plan on going for that run after work, but always seem to find a reason to avoid doing it? Banish all of your exercise excuses by sorting your workout wardrobe before you even leave for the office. That pair of sleek black running tights and stylish activewear top you love? Team them with a blazer and heels, and complete your look with statement accessories to take your exercise gear to the office and back! Just pack your sneakers and some make-up wipes. Now you'll be good to hit the pavement as soon as your workday ends.
3. Pack your snacks
"You can achieve anything with a plan," is one of my favorite quotes It applies to work deadlines, reaching fitness goals, and definitely nourishing your body with good food every day! I never leave the house for work without having my lunch and snacks all packed and ready to go. The secret is to spend some time on Sunday preparing for the busy week ahead by cooking up your favorite lunch and snack options. I make enough for the entire week and pop them in the fridge or freezer, and wave goodbye to reaching for quick and easy sugary-filled treats throughout the day.
4. Make an excuse to move
Having a desk job can be a recipe for weight-gain if you don't make a conscious effort to move more during the day. It's just too easy to email or call your colleague across the hall rather than actually get up and do something physical. Granted, there are occasions when you might be stranded for more time, but whenever possible try to commit to moving around the office. For example, walk over to talk with your team, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and/or do some simple stretches at your desk. Doing any of these things will keep your body moving and burning a few extra calories at the same time.
5. Wind down the right way
You can't expect to go hard all day without giving your body the chance to recharge when you finally get home. Nourish your body with a healthy dinner and enjoy a relaxing walk after your meal.,  Unplug yourself from technology at least one hour before bed, and unwind with a good book instead. It's important to understand that time away from your email and computer will actually give you the energy you need to be at your best for the next day.
Like anything worthwhile in life, active living takes practice. It's about making the right choices everyday until they become habits that will ultimately make you healthier, happier, and more positive about your life.
So what are you waiting for? Start your active life now!
 Yours in Health,

Fola Osasona

Monday, 25 February 2013


Researchers have studied people who have lost weight and kept it off. That is why they recommend an ideal and healthy weight loss goal of one to two pounds a week.
Quicker weight loss diets tempt us because we might feel in a hurry to fit into a smaller size. But if we want to stay in that size for the rest of our lives, small, gradual steps is what it’s going to take.
These gradual steps include:
· Changing what we eat
· How much we eat
· Increasing our level of physical activity.
These lifestyle changes don’t happen overnight. They might take weeks, or months to include into your everyday routine.
“I’ve been working on losing weight for five months now after weaning my second baby. And i am doing pretty good. I’m really happy. Yeah,exercising 30minutes daily and eating right portions. I lost 10 pounds already.”
“I think I’m really comfortable with this gradual weight loss now. This isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.”
“It’s not a temporary thing.”
“I’m not going to lose 50 pounds in three weeks.”
“Just small steps, continuously.”
“The more you do it, the easier it comes. And you get used to it.”
In addition to taking small steps, people who succeed with weight loss need to find their motivation to change. The biggest reason most of us want to lose weight -- for better health.
A healthy weight cuts down your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, certain cancers, joint problems, fertility problems and sleep disorder.
You’ll improve your overall well-being. You’ll feel better, have more energy, be more comfortable, and also feel better about how you look.
“I’m trying to do for myself, but at the same time I want to be a role model for my children.”
“I guess at one time, years ago, it was more of a vanity thing but now it’s more of a health thing.”
Once you know why you want to lose weight, you can start planning the changes you will have to make in your lifestyle.
Don’t get discouraged when you hit bumps in the road.
“The people who have the most success with weight loss have tried many times and have learned from those past attempts and now, third, fourth, fifth, tenth times are making long-term, serious weight changes.”
We can learn from our past attempts. The trick is not to let them throw us off for good.
Talk to us at Weight A Minute about your desire to lose weight. We will help you to develop a plan for permanent, healthy weight loss.
Most plans include learning how to make healthy choices in the types of food you eat, and in the amount of food you eat each day. You’ll also need to set aside time for physical activity on most days of the week.
We will work together to set goals for achieving a healthy lifestyle that you can live with.
Yours in health,

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Breakfast: Your Secret Weapon To Weight Loss

What do flakes, bran cereal, oat, custard, apples and bananas have in common? They're good-for-you breakfast foods that might help keep you on the weight-loss straight and narrow.Research has shown that people who skip breakfast may not be as successful with weight management as those people who eat breakfast regularly.
 Why? Eating breakfast may help you reduce snacking and avoid overeating.
Eating breakfast is like filling up a fuel tank. When you wake up in the morning, your body is low on fuel, eating a morning meal can kick-start your engine by giving your body energy.
Skipping breakfast may make you more likely to overeat later in the day to make up for the missed meal.
"The ideal breakfast is based on carbohydrate,protein and dairy" this is in line with the theory that the most satisfying breakfasts deliver a quick shot of energy (by raising blood sugar levels rapidly) and then a longer term energy boost from high-fiber, complex-carbohydrate, protein-containing foods that slow digestion.
What does that mean for your oatmeal ,flakes and cereal? Toss a handful into a bowl of low-fat yogurt and then mix it up with some fiber-rich fruit. Other tag-team breakfasts include:
  • Skim milk and wheat bread with  peanut butter or sugar free jam
  • Banana and bran flakes cereal
  • High-fiber cereal with fat-free or lowfat milk and dried or fresh fruit
  • Hard-boiled or scrambled eggs (or egg whites) with a couple of wheat crackers
  • Low-fat yogurt and a grain-rich cereal bar
  • A banana and a small handful of  almonds

Enjoy your day!


Thursday, 31 January 2013


At weight a minute,we help YOU make the connection between sustainable weightloss and healthy lifestyle by putting being healthy in perspective as it regards weight loss.This is done by our dedicated team of nutritionists,pcycologists ,exercise experts  and image consultants.They make the weightloss journey fun and achievable by motivating, coaching and supporting you towards having a paradigm shift from weight loss to health consciousness..To lose weight, you have to be healthy! And its amazing to know that weight loss occurs naturally when your goal is working towards a healthy YOU!
Welcome to our world of winningweightwars!